The Big Business Vision Workshop


Are you ready to map out your business vision?



Big Business Vision Workshop

Want to get crystal clear on your next steps in business?


The Big Business Vision Workshop is the perfect next step if you desire clarity on exactly where you're going with your business.


You’ll learn how to:

  • Get clear on what your overall vision is
  • Integrate that vision into your daily life
  • Know you are moving toward your dream life


What's included:

  • Video training on how to map out your business vision
  • Bonus training on integrating your vision and current life
  • Templates, example 'completed' vision for inspiration, worksheets and prompts in case you get stuck


This Workshop Is For You If...

  • You are lacking clarity around your long-term vision
  • You struggle to know which choice is right/wrong
  • Your dream life and current life feel totally separate
  • You don't know what to spend your days doing

I'm Jemma


After being made redundant and freelancing my butt off to make ends meet and pay off my credit cards, I decided to go all in on being a 'proper' business owner.

I started as a virtual assistant in 2019, which then grew into an agency with a team. In 2020 I started offering mentoring and strategic support to other business owners and in 2021 I made the leap, closing my successful VA agency down and diving head first into my true love (mentoring).

Since then I have worked with hundreds of online business owners with their business strategy as well as their mindset, to help them be the best versions of themselves in order to run the best versions of their business.

Fun facts:

  • I have a psychology degree & masters
  • I started my first business at 16
  • I got my first mentoring job at 18

"The workshop helped me rule out some services I was considering offering because it's the norm but not actually something I want to do.  It made it obvious what I'm doing because I feel I should, not what serves me and the business/life I want to create - my big business vision!!

My phone is full of notes of things that came to my head in the days/weeks afterwards."

- Lynne @hepburn.virtualservices

"The business vision workshop was great, a really useful way to think about my end goal and work towards that rather than stressing about the day to day and small steps in between, to make sure I’m fully aligned with my vision!

It definitely made me think twice about some of the services I'm offering and helped me to feel confident enough to cut them out moving forwards."

- Emily

"I have become super clear on what the overall reason for my business and its services are, how all my offers connect to one another and how they flow together.

By this I mean the deeper meaning.

The exercise went really deep and I am truly grateful for it."

- Emma @themedialocker

Big Business Vision Workshop

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