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The story of The Ultimate CEO

and the Jemma behind the brand

Find more joy in your business

The Ultimate CEO offers business coaching for online business owners (service providers in particular) who are looking to find more joy in their business so that they can become better CEO’s.

Grounded in psychology and evidence based practice we are disrupting the coaching space by following science, not trends so that you can truly reach your full potential as a CEO. By blending multiple disciplines we believe you can achieve more happiness, joy, fun and fulfilment while in turn growing your business to new heights in a sustainable and feel-good way that truly works for you.

The reason we bring psychology into coaching is because you simply cannot have business growth without psychology. It underlies every single action you take and decision you make. It’s present in every emotional reaction and every feeling. Whether it’s a good day or a bad day in business, your psychology was involved. So optimising your business may be assisted by strategy, but you cannot sustain success without optimising your psychology.

We don’t do quick fixes, hacks or overnight success but instead we do the deeper work that will help you achieve the business and lifestyle you desire without sacrificing your wellbeing.

PS. Don’t be fooled by the serious-ness of the psychology aspect, we mix business with pleasure over here! ✌️

The Journey so Far

Why the psychology element is so important

  • Happier people tend to be more successful and make more sales and so there are MANY benefits for everyone but especially business owners
  • Research shows that people trying to achieve goals without doing the deeper work end up feeling no more fulfilled even when they reach those goals and so are often unhappy despite their achievements
  • People who chase success in business without the deeper reasoning behind what they do have been shown to quit quicker, so strategy alone isn’t actually sustainable
  • There is new evidence showing that coaches might do more harm than good if they aren’t aware of the limits of their coaching
  • Some commonly used coaching tools have been found to make certain groups of people feel worse so it’s important coaches know how to identify which tools are right for which people
  • There is currently no regulation within the coaching industry (plenty of Netflix documentaries showing the harm this can do!) and so many people are offering ‘positive psychology’ or ‘sales psychology’ without a psychology background and teaching potentially harmful techniques
  • Psychologist Grant (2007) suggested “training in mental health issues, understanding of mood disorders and referral procedures to be a compulsory part of any coach certification process” and so it’s looking like the coaching space may be heading this way longer term

Meet Jemma

  1. I once spontaneously signed up for a same-day sky dive over Byron Bay in Australia even though I’d never considered it before - one of the best things I ever did!
  2. I’m absolutely terrified of driving. I hate it sooooo much but it’s something I’m really pushing myself to do this year in the hope that one day I might suddenly love it?
  3. Despite being pretty introverted and loving being at home, I actually spent a good few years in my early twenties travelling the world on my own and have so many stories I could write a book!
  4. Me and my boyfriend moved to Devon into our beach-side home the year that I made my first six figures which is something I’d wanted to do since I was tiny and still makes me emotional to think about.
  5. I actually already have a masters in forensic psychology and crime because I thought for a while I’d go into working in a prison. I volunteered as a mentor for ex-offenders for a while and loved it. While I don’t want to do this anymore, I do think I’ll get involved again one day in some capacity.